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A fixed wireless internet provider extends reliable and cost-effective broadband internet services to remote farms, homes, and businesses. Your antenna, which supplies a home wireless router, will connect to our connection providing you with reliable internet. 

Because wireless internet requires less infrastructure than DSL, fiber, cable, or satellite networks, it can be updated much more quickly, meaning a faster and more reliable service for residents and businesses in remote areas where other network types have not invested time and money.

With fixed wireless internet, your on-site antenna uses radio waves to connect to a nearby tower (just a few miles apart), giving you access to the internet. Satellite internet is reliant on signals from a dish orbiting Earth about 20,000 miles away. Satellite internet is often higher cost, includes data caps, and has high latency (delay), making voice or video calls through the internet difficult. With Skymesh Internet, there are no data caps, just a high speed connection with low latency.

Skymesh Internet serves rural areas across Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and Montana. Find out if we serve your location here.

Fixed wireless internet is an affordable alternative to other connection methods. With a clear pricing structure and no bundles or gimmicks, Skymesh Internet lets you pay only for what you need and want – not all the extras. Check out our pricing here.

Skymesh internet offers 5/1.5, 10/2, 15/3, 20/5, 25/5, and 50/8 for residential customers, as well as other options for businesses. These speeds are listed as Download/Upload speeds in Mb per second.

You can rest assured that your data is as safe on our fixed wireless internet as it is on cable, fiber, or DSL systems. No matter who you get your internet from, it’s always a good idea to use anti-virus software and follow the recommended security settings for all your devices. We work to keep your wireless connection to our fiber optic backbone fast and reliable.

Instead of relying on cables, you’re getting internet from radio waves. That means no one can accidentally cut your access with a severed wire. That makes fixed wireless internet worthy of your trust.

The signal’s reach is dependent on the local terrain and if there is anything obstructing your connection to the tower site. Direct line of sight is very important and radio waves do not travel through objects very well. Every install is engineered and checked for reliability and speed.

Installing fixed wireless internet requires just a few pieces of equipment. An antenna is either placed on your roof or mounted to your building/home, which is what communicates with our access towers, as well as some cable running inside and a router that can also act as a WIFI access point. We can provide all these items for the install.

Fixed wireless internet is a quick and simple installation, and can often be installed in just a few days after you have been engineered and have decided which package you would like. If you’d like to get the ball rolling, contact us and we’ll let you know if your location is eligible. Then, we will get you scheduled to get installed in just a few days or weeks.

After installation, we won’t leave you on your own. Even though fixed wireless internet should be relatively maintenance- and upkeep-free, sometimes things happen. Rest assured you can call us with any of your issues, and you’ll get a real person (maybe even one of your neighbors!) that will make things right.

Severe weather, in most instances, will not impact your internet connection. Severe, heavy winds and rain have the potential to interrupt connections if your antenna system is blown out of place or radio waves get interrupted. Reputable WISPs install antennas with this in mind, ensuring the system can withstand extremely heavy winds.

To provide a safe internet environment for all ages, Skymesh Internet will make a good faith effort to restrict access to material we consider to be objectionable such as pornography and illicit content. This feature can be turned off upon request.